Interior design & decoration

“Papandropoulos architects” team work closely with clients providing diverse designs to suit each brief and property location.

Right from the concept planning of an interior space, project managing design schemes, through to the specification of luxury furniture, upholstered in custom fabrics, our interior design services can be tailored to suit each project.

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Whether a project is new-build or a refurbishment, we bring our knowledge and experience of local and international markets. Our constant aim is to transform interiors for our clients, creating timeless, luxurious spaces. Providing the best opportunity for efficient spatial experience

We place emphasis on functional design and effective use of spaces by re-arranging the basic lay-out according to our client needs and budget. Each project have different circumstances thus we provde solutions in a creative manner.

Several layers of design usually required to turn the initial concept into a mature design. Material engineering, electro-mechanical and other services are coordinated to delever a well studied project.

Right then full packages of construction documents and detailed specification sheets are prepared.



Preparing request for tender and procurement set the parameters and qualities required to execute our design as perfect as possible. This stage is executed according to the client budget, the project location and desired schedule.

On site supervision and quality inspection is vital procedure. Making sure the site is on track reduces any lost costs of back and forth construction works and ensures the supreme quality of work delievered to our clients.

We specilize in residential and commercial design offering high level of education and professional accreditation.







We never compromise quality and professionalism for profit!