Arbitary Settlements through the new law(4178/2013)

According to  the Ministry of Enviroment  Energy and Climate change,  the new law 4178/2013 that settles all the pending issues of illegal construction has already pass within the last fifteen days of August 2013. All the citizens that did not have the chance to complete the necessary procedures of the laws 3843/10 & 4014/11, they will be able to re-submit their cases to the new law.

It is worth emphasizing that for the first time given the owner has the opportunity to monitor the whole procedure of his property settlement and the payments of the requested fee,  as the statement acquires electronic identification number (Key number).

If you are interested in settling arbitrary issues 0f your property, the following guide of TEE Western Macedonia provides all the necessary information that you should know.

1. Four categories of illegal properties are included in the new law according to their date of construction:  a) Properties that were built before 9.6.1975 may be excluded permanently from demolition by paying only a small amount, which is set at 500 euros . These buildings should have exclusive residential use . b) Properties that were built before 1.1.1983, where the owner except the initial amount of 500 euros should have to pay he an receive a total dicount of 85% of the calculated fine. c)  Properties that were built be fore July 2011, where the owners will pay the estimated fine and will fit depending on the size of the breach in the three categories (small, medium, large offense). d) arbitrary construction beween 1.1.1983 and 1.1.2003 will have a discount of 20% on the estimated fine. This category contains the entirely illegal constructions and structures without planning permission, as well as additional  building sections without planning permission that cover more than 40% of the approved plans.

Small arbitrary issues such as pergolas, BBQ etc, that do not change the volume of the building and the structured surface will be settled upon payment of 500 euros.

There is a deadline to apply until February 2016 according to the new law.  To complete the procedure, the application must be included in the building electronic identity.




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