Old buildings energy upgrading with an interest-free loan


Subsidy up to 70% with an interest-free loan can be provide to thousands of homeowners  so that they can upgrade the energy category of their home through the program “saved home.” Houses and building apartments that meet certain criteria can be co-funded through this program. Indeed, the goverment after changing the terms of the funding and homeowners income criteria has increased significantly the number of beneficiaries. Properties that meet the following criteria can join the program without any additional condition: • Τax office price should be lower than or equal to 2.100 € / m² • It should be classified according to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), in a category lower than or equal to D. Note that there is no limit to the number of properties per citizen that can be co-funded through the program. Also empty apartments for the last three years are included. Who are entitled Householdscan join the program  with a family income up to 80,000 euro, which...


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